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(Our) Adventures in
Sayville, Long Island, New York - USA
Sayville, Long Island
New York - USA
This is our North American Yacht, a NA23, built in Texas, 1976.

After our 22ft Rhodes Continental was stolen, we bought our NA23 in the spring of 2007 for $2,500. What an incredible find. What a great boat.

She is in really good condition for a sailboat 30 odd years old.

Roomy and very stable, she handles well in all weather. It sleeps 5 comfortably inside, six if you want to squeeze. We'll be doing some upgrades next spring. Till then, we'll be having our
'Adventures in Paradise'

Rick Mannoia

Join us. Come Sailing...........

Owners Manual

Adventures in Paradise
Boat Drinks

This is the artwork Jeff Rumplik made. Can you read the name in the leaves? Pretty Cool! We're just wastin' away........

You can get you own boat logo or lettering from Jeff. E-mail him directly at: jeffquest@aol.com

Send me a picutre of your boat & new art and I will post it on this website!

We're having
Adventures in Paradise

The Madien Voyage - 2007
Dad & Taylor

Bill Weatons' NA 23 Web-Site

Bill has the best NA23 website on the internet. You can find lots of interesting facts about these great sailing boats here.

You can also download a copy of the original owners manual for the NA23 Spirt Sailboat on Bills site.

Spirit 28 Sailboats
Alan Stewart is the skipper of Duchess, a beautifully well maintained 1981 Spirit 28. He sails on Lake Travis in Austin Texas. His website is filled with valuable information on Spirit Sailboats and on the Spirit 28 specifically. His site is certainly worth a look. http:// www.spirit28.com/index.html

Do you know who has the 'Right-of-Way'?

If you need a quick review of the 'Rules-of-the-Road' here is a perfect interactive website. Copy & paste this link in your browser

http://www. www.sailingusa.info/rules_of_road/rulesofroad.html


Rick on Paradise

Spirit - North American Literature

This is an excellent website with helpful literature regarding the NA23 Spirit Yachts.

We'd love to share stories from other NA23 sailors past, present or future.

Contact me with information, photos, stories, etc. about your boat or about sailing in general and we'd be happy to publish it on our website.

If you have or need NA23 Parts, this might be a good place to post your information.

Send your e-mail to me at


Our - Adventures in Paradise

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Boat Drinks....

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